Short Personality Test

Take what might be the world’s shortest personality quiz. There are only 4 questions and it is absolutely free!


For each of the four questions below, ask yourself: Which side best represents me most of the time? You will be tempted to say BOTH and that is normal. Everybody is a little bit of both. But the point of this particular personality theory is that people tend to have a preference for one side over the other. Think about which side comes more naturally and choose the letter next to it.

Question 1 – How do you get your energy?

Extraverts = E

  • are generally sociable
  • are focused on the outer world
  • get energy by spending time with others
  • talk a lot & start conversations
  • speak first, then think
  • are quick to take action
  • have many friends & many interests

Introverts = I

  • are generally quiet
  • are focused on their inner world
  • get energy by spending time alone
  • mostly listen & wait for others to talk first
  • think first, then speak
  • are slow to take action
  • have a few deep friendships & refined interests

Question 2 – How do you see the world & gather information?

Sensors = S

  • have finely-tuned five senses
  • pay attention to the details
  • focus on what is real (in the present)
  • think in concrete terms
  • like practical things
  • like to do (make)
  • are accurate and observant
  • prefer to do things the established way

iNtuitives = N

  • use their “sixth sense”
  • see the “big picture”
  • focus on what is possible (in the future)
  • think in abstract terms
  • like theories
  • like to dream (design)
  • are creative and imaginative
  • prefer to try out new ideas

Question 3 – How do you make your decisions?

Thinkers = T

  • mostly use their head
  • make decisions based on logic
  • are more interested in things & ideas
  • treat everybody the same
    (emphasizing fairness)
  • are more scientific in describing the world

Feelers = F

  • mostly use their heart
  • make decisions based on their values
  • are more interested in people & emotions
  • treat people according to their situation (emphasizing compassion)
  • are more poetic in describing the world

Question 4 – How much do you like to plan ahead?

Judgers = J

  • are organized and structured
  • make plans in advance
  • keep to the plan
  • like to be in control of their life
  • want to finalize decisions

Perceivers = P

  • are casual and relaxed
  • prefer to “go with the flow”
  • are able to change and adapt quickly
  • like to simply let life happen
  • want to find more information

You should now have four letters (one for each question). That’s your ‘personality type’.

Select your type from the table below to see your profile:

Note: This is not an official Myers-Briggs test. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and MBTI® are registered trademarks of CPP, Inc. and must be administered by a qualified professional.

6 Responses to “Short Personality Test”

  1. ESTJ’s are practical, realistic, and matter-of-fact, with a natural head for business or mechanics. Though they are not interested in subjects they see no use for, they can apply themselves when necessary. They like to organize and run activities. ESTJ’s make good administrators, especially if they remember to consider others’ feelings and points of view, which they often miss.

  2. Nathan says:


    What about the cognitive functions? This is not an accurate way to find your MBTI at all!

  3. Abby S. says:

    This is much better than the tests with like 100 questions.

    I’m an ENFP according to this. Is there a certain type that I should find if I want to date?

  4. Christy B. says:

    Wow, this was really amazing! I barely crossed over; usually I find myself hemming and hawing to try and determine which side I’m on.

    Because you’ve all been dying to know, I am an INTJ. Clicking through the INTJ link revealed that I’m in good company, right, President Jefferson?

    I was also fascinated to learn that INTJs do well as teachers and writers. I am both a freelance writer and a homeschool teacher. Fascinating! Thank you. That was very fun.

    • Daniel says:

      I believe female INTJs are one of the rarest combinations. So consider yourself somewhat unique!

  5. Christy B. says:

    I meant INFJ! Good grief. Does it say anything in my description about being a scatterbrain?

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